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About Us

DIAGRAMCARTA Srl has been operating for over 50 years in the field of special paper and film

Established in 1956 thanks to the intuition of its founder Carlo Gasparotto, his main activity
consisted of the production of recording paper to print data for clinics, hospitals and industry.
The industry has been inherited by his sons, Luigi, Antonio e Giovanni who have continued developing more and more the activity.

Always interested in technological innovations of the last 20 years and in the different market
demands, Diagramcarta has diversified production intervening with success in the production of
thermal paper rolls for receipts and tickets as well as in the silicone coating (solvent and
solventless), thermo-adhesive, resins and waxes on films such as polyester, polypropylene and

The product range includes: greaseproof paper, carbofix, barium paper, contact copy (KCC), gummed paper (stamps), wax paper, film and coated paper for various uses.
During the last 15 years Diagramcarta has expanded its activities in the production of Termal Transfer paper and film, hot-stamping foil and paper for writing/printing on various types of industrial mounts.

Always focused on the needs and demands of its customers, in recent years has invested
heavily in technology and know-how to create a new line of micro perforation, useful in the world
of tobacco and packaging.