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Hot and cold stamping paper and foil

Diagramcarta, due to the experience in the paper/film coating process, produces hot stamping foil, from design to production.

Diagramcarta ensures an excellent quality of the finished products thanks to its innovative technology, making intense and long-lasting prints resulting from the films.

Industrial applications ranging from industry graphics, to the area of leather, from oenology to plastic, from medical to industrial coding in general and the holographic foil for packaging and security.

For this type of product, Diagramcarta, prepares a layout particularly fast without additional equipment or molds, with remarkable speed of realization guaranteeing a superior shine, with countless possibilities of color. It also guaranteed a particularly effective for prints, with a processing short and long, with controlled recording in-line and in-house.

Diagramcarta offers a wide range of finish options thanks to a comprehensive catalog of metallic effects.

The main application concern the packaging world.

Diagramcarta produces a metallized PET that ensures high levels of reliability and exceptional results in the rolling, with an index of brightness and optimal transparency.

Diagramcarta thanks to the UV Film Casting technique, realizes the micro embossing of an holographic image within a UV coating with holographic effects of high gloss.

Moreover, there is a further advantage: the film can be reused multiple times because there is a transfer of a material or of a film on the substrate.

Diagramcarta offers a wide range of diffraction patterns, similar to the type of hot prints, with customizations of layout graphics for the brand identity and various security applications.